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joinDOTA is an organization dedicated to coverage of the professional scenes of Defense of the Ancients (DotA), and later, Dota 2. It is run by Freaks 4U Gaming, which also runs the German-language and featuring coverage of professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and League of Legends respectively. Early in its history, joinDOTA also operated its own leagues and tournaments. joinDOTA garnered a loyal viewership on Twitch, as well as its YouTube channel. joinDOTA also has a forum.

It was notably a launchpad of the Dota 2 careers of commentators Toby 'TobiWAN' Dawson and Austin 'Capitalist'/'Cap' Walsh. TobiWAN left joinDOTA in 2018, however in 2020 multiple serious allegations of sexual harassment/misconduct surfaced which resulted in his exile from the professional Dota 2 scene (and a swift removal of his content in The International 10 Battle Pass by Valve in response the same day). Cap left joinDOTA in 2016 but continues to commentate Dota 2 events through to today.


On March 17, 2022, joinDOTA announced that it would be shutting down at the end of March 2022.

joinDOTA says goodbye[IAWcite.todayMemWeb]

After being live for more than a decade since launch joinDOTA will be closing it's doors on March 31st, 2022. This might not come as a surprise to the die hard fans who have been following us closely. The decision was made after much mulling over about the Dota 2 eco-system and where we want to fit within and continue grow with the community.

However, this decision does not mean that we - Freaks 4U Gaming, the company behind joinDOTA and everyone who works on joinDOTA - don't see potential for future activations and campaigns in the Dota 2 corner of the gaming world. Freaks will still be running Dota 2 projects whenever we see ways to come together to do something awesome with our partners and the Dota 2 community, such as the Dota 2 tournament of the ESL National Championship in Germany, ESL Meisterschaft.

All in all, joinDOTA has been an important community not just for the Dota 2 scene but the esports and gaming ecosystem overall, it has also provided a gateway for enthusiasts and volunteers into esports, with many of them still working in the industry to this day. joinDOTA also represented young and established talents and offered a great stage, many have become some of the world’s most-renowned talents and some are still very active today.

That being said, we would like to thank everyone who has contributed to making joinDOTA what it is: the volunteers, the casters, and everyone else behind the curtain. And a thank you to anybody who has been a part of the joinDOTA community throughout the years.

In response to an inquiry on reddit on whether the site would remain online in a read-only fashion, kitkat stated:

We're in the process of figuring out how to best preserve the content and keep integrity of all of the information that has been accumulated over the years. It will stay as it is for the upcoming weeks, but there might be some changes to what is accessible going forward.