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    • Instagram hashtags post counter used to count deleted and private posts as well. Got patched at some point, probably due to program.
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Instagram is a photo sharing website which has been around since its first appearance on the iOS App Store in October 2010. It has been owned by Facebook since 2012, but Facebook's influence on the platform had been mostly unremarkable until recent years. Although it started off allowing just image posts, it has since added the ability to share video clips in posts and as part of "Reels", and also allows live-streaming similar to what one can find on YouTube or Twitch. It also allows the creation of "Stories" that disappear after 24 hours, no doubt inspired by the functionality of self-deleting apps like Snapchat, which no doubt inspired YouTube and Twitter to then copy the copied concept with its own "Stories" and "Fleets", respectively.

They got rid of Photo Maps in September 2016[2].



Before the end of its life, Chromebot was blocked by Instagram. However, it was possible to partially mitigate these problems by using , a third-party client for Instagram. Chromebot has since been decommisioned and insta-stalker no longer seems to exist (as of 30 December, 2021). However, it is still possible to archive it using ArchiveBot by getting a list of profile URLs from snscrape, uploading it to, and passing it into ArchiveBot using `!ao`'s `<` functionality. This has since been automated using the socialscrape bot.

While these grabs of Instagram include the data , because of how much JavaScript it relies on, the Wayback Machine cannot play these archives back.

For more information, see


Bibliogram is an alternative front-end of Instagram; meaning, you could probably view Instagram posts or user pages without having to deal with annoying JavaScript. In September 2022 the main instance of Bibliogram at stated that it would likely shut down. There is another instance of it at or or ( list of instances: and ).


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