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Offline (podcasts)
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IRC channel #archiveteam-bs (on hackint)
(formerly #latercast (on EFnet))
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Instacast is a podcast app for iOS and Mac. Its parent company, Vemedio, ran out of money in June/July 2015 and had to close the cloud service Instacast Cloud. The app itself, stripped of the cloud features, is still available as Instacast Core as of November 2018.

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The metadata was saved through ArchiveBot in job job:cutxsw3n2c1io1mpndog8xalf. (job:9psce5n9rvwnnoqm9lf2km7g5 only retrieved a handful of pages linked from the homepage.) The linked podcasts themselves have not been saved yet.

For the archived version of a specific page, use the Wayback Machine. If you're looking for the bulk archive files instead, see the job links above.