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Assorted mentions of the Archive Team in major media, in descending chronological order:


Shutdowns don’t stop during the weekends
Lennart Mühlenmeier, Netzpolitik, 2023-07-26
Shutdowns machen auch an den Wochenenden nicht Halt
Lennart Mühlenmeier, Netzpolitik, 2023-07-26
Archive Team Races to Save a Billion Imgur Files Before Porn Deletion Apocalypse
Ernie Smith, Motherboard, 2023-05-15
Something Awful is racing to save the best and worst of web history
Adi Robertson, The Verge, 2023-05-08
The Imgur Apocalypse Is Going to Break Large Parts of the Internet
Ernie Smith, Motherboard, 2023-04-27
Archiving The Entirety Of DPReview Before It’s Gone
Maya Posh, Hackaday, 2023-03-31


Internet Archive sta cercando di salvare i siti ucraini
Tommaso Meo, Wired Italia, 2022-03-25
Archivists Make Sure the Internet Doesn’t Forget Russia’s War on Ukraine
Karl Bode, VICE, 2022-02-28
Amid war fears, archivists are racing to preserve Ukraine’s internet
Chris Stokel-Walker, Input, 2022-02-18


Yahoo, the Destroyer
Kaitlyn Tiffany, The Atlantic, 2021-04-25
How Yahoo Answers went from Q&A site to total collapse
Adam Smith, The Independent, 2021-04-13
We're Archiving Yahoo Answers So You'll Always Know How Babby Is Formed
Dhruv Mehrotra and Shoshana Wodinsky, Gizmodo, 2021-04-09
RIP Yahoo Answers: It Died As It Lived, Needlessly And Stupidly
Katie Notopoulos, BuzzFeed News, 2021-04-05
The Hacker Who Archived Parler Explains How She Did It (and What Comes Next)
Leland Nally, VICE, 2021-01-12


RIP Adobe Flash: Five Takeaways About the Plug-in’s Legacy in Net Art
Rea McNamara, Hyperallergic, 2020-12-18
Digital archives keep track of lost websites, lapsed domain names from the early years
Rachel Lopez, Hindustan Times, 2020-08-14
It’s Time to Archive the Internet Archive
Samantha Cole and Jason Koebler, VICE, 2020-06-09


The Old Internet Died And We Watched And Did Nothing
Katie Notopoulos, Buzzfeed News, 2019-12-28
These crusaders want to preserve ‘human culture’ online. Their latest target: Yahoo Groups.
Hannah Knowles, Washington Post, 2019-12-11
Verizon verhindert Archivierung der Yahoo Groups
Daniel AJ Sokolov, heise online, 2019-12-11
Verizon Bans Archivists Trying to Save Yahoo Groups Data From Deletion
Ryan Whitwam, ExtremeTech, 2019-12-10
Verizon says archiving Yahoo Groups would strain its resources. The reality is much sadder
Harrison Weber, Fast Company, 2019-12-10
Verizon Is Blocking Efforts to Preserve Internet History
Karl Bode, Motherboard, 2019-12-09
Internet Historians Mourn Loss Of Cultural Record As Yahoo Prepares To Delete Groups
Neda Ulaby, NPR All Things Considered, 2019-12-09
Verizon reportedly blocks archivists from Yahoo Groups days before deletion
Kate Cox, Ars Technica, 2019-12-09
“Let Us Get Our Stuff and Leave” – Verizon is shutting down Yahoo Groups this weekend—and blocking users trying to archive its content.
Aaron Mak, Slate Magazine, 2019-12-09
Verizon blocks archivists from preserving 20 years of Yahoo Groups history
Carly Page, The INQUIRER, 2019-12-09
Verizon kills email accounts of archivists trying to save Yahoo Groups history
Liam Tung, ZDNet, 2019-12-09
Yahoo Groups archivists despair as Verizon blocks their preservation efforts ahead of shutdown
Cory Doctorow, BoingBoing, 2019-12-08
Twitter Said It Will Not Delete The Accounts Of Dead People
Katie Notopoulos, Buzzfeed News, 2019-11-27
This might be your best chance to preserve tweets from deceased loved ones
Jon Porter, The Verge, 2019-11-27
How to download the internet: survival instruction for an autonomous Runet (in Russian)
Meduza, 2019-05-21
The race to preserve (almost) everything on Google+ before it shuts down
Matt Binder, Mashable, 2019-03-18
Delete Never: The Digital Hoarders Who Collect Tumblrs, Medieval Manuscripts, and Terabytes of Text Files
Steven Melendez, Gizmodo, 2019-03-04


Before Tumblr switched off access to NSFW blogs, it blocked archivists who were trying to preserve them
Cory Doctorow, Boing Boing, 2018-12-19
Tumblr reportedly blocked archivists from saving blogs before the NSFW purge
Ana Valens, The Daily Dot, 2018-12-19
Archivists Say Tumblr IP Banned Them For Trying to Preserve Adult Content
Samantha Cole, Motherboard, 2018-12-19
As A Final Fuck You To Free Speech On Tumblr, Verizon Blocked Archivists
Mike Masnick, Techdirt, 2018-12-18
The frantic, unprecedented race to save 700,000 NSFW Tumblrs for posterity
Sean Captain, Fast Company, 2018-12-12
Grupo de fãs e engenheiros conseguiu salvar o Miiverse do amargo fim
Ronaldo Gogoni, Meio Bit, 2018-01-05
Searchable Miiverse Archive Released By Fans After The Social Network Was Shut Down
Nathaniel Artosilla, Christian Post, 2018-01-05
Miss Miiverse? Don't Worry, Nintendo Social Network Lives On At Archiverse
John Diente, Tech Times, 2018-01-04
This amazing archive lets you revisit Miiverse
Jordan Devore, Destructoid, 2018-01-04
Miiverse archive recovers 17TB of social mirth after Nintendo’s shutdown
Kyle Orland, Ars Technica, 2018-01-04
Millions of Miiverse posts have been archived safely
Brittany Vincent, Dot Esports, 2018-01-04
Nintendo Miiverse returns to the internet with massive fan-made archive
Jon Porter, TechRadar, 2018-01-04
The Miiverse Archive Is Live, and Boy Does It Bring Back Memories
Nadia Oxford, USgamer, 2018-01-04
Nintendo's Miiverse Has Been Archived by Fans
Matthew Byrd, Den of Geek, 2018-01-04
Miiverse : les 5 ans d'existence du réseau ont été archivés sur un site que voici
Damien Greffet, Jeux Actu, 2018-01-04
Miiverse al rescate: decenas de millones de mensajes salvados
Sergio C. González, Meri Station, 2018-01-04
Archivistas salvan 17 Tb en datos de MiiVerse
Jorge Gonzales, TekCrispy, 2018-01-04
Nintendo's wonderful Miiverse has been preserved for posterity by enterprising internet archivists
Matt Wales, Eurogamer, 2018-01-03
Miiverse Archives Go Live, Preserving 72135190 Drawings
Luke Plunkett, Kotaku, 2018-01-03
Nintendo's Miiverse lives on in a giant internet archive
Jon Fingas, Engadget, 2018-01-03
Massive Miiverse archive goes online with 17 TB worth of posts
Michael McWhertor, Polygon, 2018-01-03
Searchable Miiverse Archive Released By Fans
Hope Corrigan, IGN, 2018-01-03
Someone’s Archived 72 Million Miiverse Posts
James Paley, COGconnected, 2018-01-03
Archiverse – The Massive Miiverse Archive Has Almost 17 TB of Miiverse Memories
Rizwan Anwer, TheNerdMag, 2018-01-03
Archivo de Miiverse hecho por fans ya está disponible
Víctor Rosas, LEVELUP, 2018-01-03


Behind the effort to archive Nintendo’s disappearing social network
Kyle Orland, Ars Technica, 2017-09-07
Archive Team promises to back up SoundCloud amid worries of a shutdown
Dani Deahl, The Verge, 2017-07-17
IMDB closes forums - ArchiveTeam steps in (German)
Felix Knoke, Engadget DE, 2017-02-17


A worldwide effort to stop the web losing its memory
Mic Moroney, The Irish Times, 2016-11-24


Az internet nem felejt
Péter Szűcs, IT Café, 2015-03-05


Digital Amnesia
Bregtje van der Haak, VPRO Backlight, 2014-09-11
(Also available at the Internet Archive)


Hyves-redders redden het niet óf nipt
Jasper Bakker, Webwereld, 2013-11-29
IsoHunt Shuts Down Early To Stop Archive Team From Recording Important Historical Information
Mike Masnick, Techdirt, 2013-10-22
isoHunt shuts down a day early to avoid becoming part of online archive
Cyrus Farivar, Ars Technica, 2013-10-21
ArchiveTeam Works Hard to Avert isoHunt Data Massacre
Ernesto, TorrentFreak, 2013-10-20
Cyfrowi archeolodzy WWW
Hieronim Walicki,, 2013-06-18
And the Winner Is… Announcing the 2013 NDSA Innovation Award Winners
Trevor Owens, The Signal, Library of Congress, 2013-06-11
Archive Team: los superhéroes que evitan que las webs caigan en el olvido
Alvaro Ibanez,, 2013-05-27. (Rough translation: Archive Team: superheroes that prevent us from falling into oblivion.)
Want To Help Archive Before Yahoo Shuts It Down? Try This.
Sarah Perez, TechCrunch, 2013-04-22
Jason Scott's Archive Team Is Saving The Web From Itself (And Rescuing Your Stuff)
Bianca Bosker, The Huffington Post, 2013-03-27
Archive Team races to preserve Posterous before it goes dark
Kris Holt, The Daily Dot, 2013-03-13


The Archive Team finishes downloading all 272 terabytes of MobileMe and .Mac for posterity
Matthew Panzarino, The Next Web, 2012-06-26
The 'Archive Team' Rescues User Content From Doomed Sites
Mark Sullivan, PCWorld, 2012-04-12
Historic Archive Of Websites From The January 18th SOPA Blackout
Mike Masnick, Techdirt, 2012-04-12
The Archive Team
On the Media, 2012-03-23. Backstory by Jason.
The Archive Team
BBC Click, 2012-03-06
The Archive Team
This Way Up, Radio New Zealand 2012-03-03


Fire in the Library
Matt Schwartz, MIT Technology Review, 2011-12-20
Digital legacy: Amateur heroes of online heritage
Sumit Paul-Choudhury, New Scientist, 2011-06-05
Full Interview: Jason Scott on online video and digital heritage
Nora Young, Spark,, 2011-04-29
Archivists step in as Google Video shuts down for good
Mark Brown, Wired, 2011-04-18


Coming Soon: 900GB Torrent Of (Mostly) Every Geocities Web Site Ever
Nicholas Deleon, TechCrunch, 2010-10-29
Archiving GeoCities: my full interview with Jason Scott
Dan Misener, 2010-09-29


Web 0.2 archivists save Geocities from deletion
Austin Modine, The Register, 2009-04-28