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A screen shot of the ImageShack home page taken on 10 April 2012.
A screen shot of the ImageShack home page taken on 10 April 2012.
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ImageShack is an image hosting service.

Sometime in 2014 the service deleted many, many images which had been stored on its servers for years. A lot of websites around the Internet are now pockmarked with Imageshack's logo in place of former images. Any images not saved previously are presumably permanently lost.

Email sent out on 2015-10-30

Dear ImageShack Users,

This is a reminder email - if you are free ImageShack account user,
your images will no longer work on websites other than
This change is going to be implemented this weekend. In order for
your images to work, if you have a free account, it must be brought to
"paid" status. We understand that some of you are not interested in
upgrading your accounts, in which case you can bulk download your
images by using our Skypath desktop application that can be downloaded
for Mac or Windows here:

For those people who are still considering to upgrade, we are now
offering deeply discounted yearly subscription of only $18.99/year,
thats less than $2/month. To take advantage of this offer, and to
bring your free ImageShack account to "paid" status, please follow
this link (while being logged in to your account):

We are not planning to remove or delete any images from your account, even if your account remains free until
January 31st, of 2016, so you have ample time to download your images.

Thank you,

ImageShack Team

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