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Hardware Canucks
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Hardware Canucks is a Canadian computer hardware review and news website, which has a forum for users to discuss hardware and software-related topics. They also have a YouTube channel, which in recent years has been more active than the site itself.

Vital signs

Hardware Canucks was previously owned and financed by GTO Media, which itself is owned by Netlink Computer Inc. (the owner of NCIX and other digital storefronts), which filed for bankruptcy in December 2017. It was unclear even with ex-insider reports whether or not Hardware Canucks split off from GTO due to NCIX's death throes that preceded its bankruptcy (but a post on the forum by review editor SKYMTL confirmed Hardware Canucks has completely split off from NCIX), so a copy of the site was grabbed just in case they haven't.

The main site suspiciously remained dormant for a period since late October 2017 as NCIX's bankruptcy was becoming imminent, while the Facebook and Twitter feeds in addition to their YouTube channel remained very active since. New content was posted to the site around CES 2018, easing fears of a shutdown. It's possible that the site may be phased out while the YouTube channel continues on, potentially under a different name. The website and its forum have since received a complete redesign in late July 2019, which appear to have firmly put site phase-out fears to rest.