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The US Government has an awful lot of data, and it's in a lot of places. In 2016, elections were held that indicated deep sea changes in goals and ideals (although previous transitions have always contained such changes). Inspired by this, a number of groups and efforts have risen up to ensure backups of all government data possible are made off-site.

This page contains overviews of the effort by all the teams.

Internet Archive

Internet Archive has two teams, Wayback and Archive-It (, working through listings of government websites and data stores. They are working internally using Internet Archive's crawlers and environment.

The result of these internal efforts are saved in this collection. (Note that other efforts exist under this collection as Sub-Collections, such as Archive Team efforts.)


The Data Refuge project has the following Google document about climate datasets.

Archive Team FTP Backup

The Archive Team project is backing up 750+ FTP sites hosted at .MIL and .GOV sites. These two projects can be tracked here (discovery phase) and here (download phase). The results of this download are being sent to this collection.

Archive Team General Websites Download

Besides the FTP data download, Archive Team is also doing a general download (where possible) of many crawlable government websites, such as

Internet Archive Statements

Notable Press Mentions and References

Note that the story oscillates between "Internet Archive is adding a mirror in Canada" and "Internet Archive is Moving to Canada". The actuality, for anyone viewing this page coming in cold, is that the Internet Archive has been building a mirror in Canada for a significant period of time and has a fully-functioning facility in Canada that has been a presence of some sort for nearly a decade as of 2016. The current effort was merely a speeding up of an inevitable timetable.