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Google Poly
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IRC channel #archiveteam-bs (on hackint)
(formerly #polygone (on hackint))
Data[how to use] archiveteam_googlepoly

Google Poly was a platform for 3D objects. It became read-only after 2021-04-30 and shut down on 2021-06-30[1].

Downloading Assets


The Poly web interface appears at<id-of-item>. The web interface downloads sketch.gltf and sketch.bin. Links to sketch.gltf, sketch.bin and sketch.tilt can be found in the html page in the object passed to the second call of


. This works for models with any license. Assets IDs can be grabbed from search using<search-term>. Search for links to


. Unknown how to get past the first page.


The Poly API requires an API key. Each API key has a limit of 3000 queries per minute, and no limit per day/month[2].

It's possible to get all CC-By assets using This returns an array that contains the information for each asset. The formats object contains links to the 3D model files, (sketch.gltf, sketch.bin, sketch.tilt and thumbnail.png) and these can be downloaded without an API key.

Other assets IDs would have to be scraped from search using<search-term>. For each asset, the ID from the URL can be used to retrieve the same info as above from{name=assets/*}