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Google Plus Comments on Blogspot
Google Plus Comments on Blogspot logo
Status Offline
Archiving status Partially saved (Approximately 181,565 blogs with content, slightly less than 30 million blogs scanned) Archive Link, Find a Blog's Comments (Currently broken)
Archiving type Unknown
Project source Coordination Server, Worker
IRC channel #archiveteam-bs (on hackint)
Project lead tech234a, afrmtbl, jopik, and glmdgrielson from the Internet Trash Heap Discord server
Data[how to use] Blogspot_GPlus_Comments


As part of Google's efforts to integrate Google+ with a variety of its services, a feature was made available to allow blogs hosted on Google's blogging platform known as Blogger/Blogspot to use a Google+-based commenting system rather than the previous commenting system that offered a variety of authentication methods. Google+-based comments were never made a mandatory feature, but many blogs opted-in to using them.

Shutdown Information

As part of the Google+ shutdown, Google announced on 2019-01-30 that Google+ comments would be removed from Blogger blogs on 2019-02-04. Blogs were encouraged to revert back to the previous commenting system.

Beginning on 2019-02-04 and through the following several weeks, Google+ comments were gradually removed from Blogger blogs, however, because the Google+ comments were implemented as an embedded comments widget, the data remained accessible via a simple URL until the Google+ API shutdown on 2019-03-07. The API shutdown occurred between approximately 18:27 UTC and 20:27 UTC on 2019-03-07.

Archive Information

Contributors tech234a, afrmtbl, jopik, and glmdgrielson from the Internet Trash Heap Discord server worked together to lead the archiving project for Google+ comments on Blogspot blogs. Comments were archived between 2019-02-26 and 2019-03-07. Blog URLs were discovered using the Common Crawl's CDX API and the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine CDX API. In some cases, legacy comments that appeared in Google+ comment widgets were also archived. Slightly less than 30 million blog domains were scanned. An archive was posted in JSON format on the Internet Archive with data from approximately 181,565 blogs that had Google+ comments associated with them. In addition, a searchable archive of this data was created and posted to the Internet Archive. The JSON schema is available on the archive's Internet Archive page.


A possible future project would be to allow users to re-import Google+ comments for inclusion with legacy comments on their blogs. This would be possible by exporting the blog as XML, adding the additional comments to the XML file, and re-importing the blog's XML file. This can be done manually or via one of Google's OAuth APIs.

In November 2023, a list of 34,285,898 blogs (filtered to 34,234,015 items) discovered during this project, as well as a list of containing mappings between 64,921 custom domains and their associated Blogspot subdomains, also collected during this project, were submitted to Archive Team's general Blogger project.