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Google Books
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Google Books is a Google service providing access to books. Books may be from its modern Google Play book marketplace; or scanned and OCR'd by Google and available because it is in the public domain; or scanned and OCR'd but withheld from public viewing because it is either still in copyright ([1]) or was evaluated incorrectly.

Scanned books are shared with HathiTrust. ([2]) Books that are incorrectly withheld can be released if disputed. ([3]) Bad scans can be reported (for example, if the straightening algorithm produced a wobbly disaster), and they will be fixed if possible (meaning that Google has master scans that are not public). ([4])

Google Books will challenge you with a classic Captcha if you click on more than one download PDF or EPUB link within a short time frame.

The legacy Google Books viewer (sporadically replaced since 2021 with an inferior "modernized" viewer) has a dropdown menu in the top left and top right for OCR EPUB download ([5]), PDF download, and OCR text view ([6], top right only).