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Google Baraza
Google Baraza logo
Status Offline
Archiving status Saved!
Archiving type Unknown
Project source baraza-discovery, baraza-grab, baraza-items
Project tracker barazadisco, baraza
IRC channel #archiveteam-bs (on hackint)
(formerly #bonanza (on EFnet))
Data[how to use] googlebaraza

Google Baraza (also known as Google Questions and Answers) was a Q&A service designed to replace Google Answers. It later shut down on June 23, 2014, and left a public archive behind. This archive was scheduled to be deleted on April 30, 2015, and was actually removed some time in May 2015.

Site structure

  • unique content is located at,, and
    • all sites have the same structure

Archiving report

It got thrown into ArchiveBot (job:6p1on8xhw243qqku1x1l3nsyj & job:74zrpb2bapc0o4h4o7iff9r6u (en), Russian and French jobs don't exist).

May need to be a warrior job as SimpleBrain has been getting redirect login messages.

Warrior project started on 2015-04-25, ArchiveTeam downloaded the content in a few days.