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GitLab is an open-core and git-based software forge which calls itself a DevOps platform. There is a large public instance as well as many independently-run small ones. is an instance of the forge hosted by GitLab Inc., a publicly listed company. Thousands self-hosted forges exist, relying either on the open-source licenses or on the paid licenses for the proprietary editions and support.

Vital signs

Early August 2022, GitLab (the main instance) apparently made plans to delete repositories created on free accounts that had been inactive for more than a year, in order to decrease their hosting costs.[1] After people complained, GitLab announced that they instead going to address the old-repository problem through internal technical measures.[2]


Repositories have numerical IDs. They can be used through{id}.[3] Assuming that the ID of the most recent project is the highest, somewhere between 4% and 13% of IDs have projects at them (95% confidence interval).[4]

Data portability

GitLab can import projects from GitHub, Bitbucket Cloud, GitLab exports,, FogBugz and Gitea. The import is needed in particular for the data which is not in the git repository itself, like issue reports.

Such import capabilities are available for example on .


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