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A screen shot of the GitHub home page taken on 01 May 2021.
A screen shot of the GitHub home page taken on 01 May 2021.
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Data[how to use] Archives: github-downloads-2012-12
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As posted on the Internet Archive details:

In December of 2012, the social code-sharing website GitHub announced that they would no longer be allowing uploads of "just files" into repository-affiliated "download" sections on their 3.7 million current repositories. This feature was used for a variety of purposes, including providing pre-compiled binaries, support documentation, and other contextual items related to the code being hosted. The decision was described by GitHub this way:

Goodbye, Uploads In addition to providing downloadable source code archives, GitHub previously allowed you to upload files (separate from the versioned files) in the repository, and make it available for download in the Downloads Tab. Supporting these types of uploads was a source of great confusion and pain – they were too similar to the files in a Git repository. As part of our ongoing effort to keep GitHub focused on building software, we are

deprecating the Downloads Tab.

The ability to upload new files via the web site is disabled today.

Existing links to previously uploaded files will continue to work for the foreseeable future.

Repositories that already have uploads will continue to list their downloads for the next 90 days (tack on /downloads to the end of any repository to see them).

The Downloads API is officially deprecated and will be disabled in 90 days.