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GitHost was a paid GitLab git repository hosting service. On April 9, 2015 they announced that they would shut down the service and destroy all content on April 30, 2015. GitLab acquired GitHost and continued operating it for the next few years. It finally shut down entirely on 1 June 2019.

2015 shutdown

GitHost Shutting Down April 30th[1]
On April 30th GitHost will be closing it's doors. We've had a good run, but the growth we had hoped to see just isn't there, and it's time to move on and focus on other things.
You will continue to have service to your instances until April 30th, at which time all remaining instances will be destroyed. You will not be billed again for any instances online. Please be sure to backup any Git repos you would like to save before that time. We will not be able to recover any data for you.
The GitHost Team

Saved by GitLab...?

GitLab Acquires GitHost[2]
We're happy to announce that GitLab will be acquiring GitHost and will be keeping all services running! GitLab will continue to provide support for all active and future instances and users. We're looking forward to GitHost staying online thanks to the support from GitLab.
For more info please see GitLab's blog post here
Because of the acquisition the terms of service now apply: Please review them here

2019 shutdown

On 15 April 2019, GitLab announced that GitHost would be shut down on 1 June 2019[3][4]:

Attention users - We’re sad to say that GitHost will stop operating on June 1st, 2019.

Check out FAQ pages ( ) for details & available migration options.

Download your data

if you can.

<yipdw>	wow, that's not even just repos; that's also e.g. issue tracking and shit
<yipdw>	so unless I'm missing something about gitlab's datastore a git clone + migrate isn't going to save people


"All instances have the option to be backed up to s3, in a standard GitLab compatible format. Those backups can be restored to any GitLab install."[2]

Site Structure

Hosted instances appear to be subdomains of and are a limited quantity. Search engine scrape.

Wget-ing instances

It looks like you can download GitLab instances that require login with a session cookie and the request method from the login page but this would require an account in the instance, some instances allow registration. Wget example:

    wget --header "Cookie:_gitlab_session=aba3ff1dcf17e35f5a52310d1d18685c; request_method=POST" Domain List


In late May 2019, GitHost was archived in a series of ArchiveBot jobs: