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GIGA is a German online magazine and community focusing on technology, especially gaming, founded in the late 1990s. GIGA-Forum (GIGA forums) was the discussion forum part of the website.

On 2018-04-02, it was announced that the forums would shut down two weeks later, on 2018-04-16. At the time of the shutdown, the forums were hosting slightly over 1 million threads with 17.4 million posts.

Shutdown notice

"admin" posted the following message to the "GIGA.DE allgemein" forums on 2018-04-02:

Liebe User,

am 16. April wird das GIGA-Forum abgeschaltet.

Wir möchten uns bei allen Nutzern, die uns bis heute begleitet haben, bedanken.


Das GIGA-Team


ArchiveBot job:7c7jzizf7yxelons1o3k0ohvo was started in September 2017 but never finished. (Because it was following links to other sites, it grew massively and made little progress until the pipeline finally died.)

All publicly accessible parts of the forums except for the actual threads were archived through ArchiveBot: job:qgpxjhbh23avhbrwzphfob5n. This did not include user profiles (not accessible without an account) or full forum indices (only threads with activity in the past x days were displayed by default, with x depending on the specific subforum).

The threads themselves as well as full forum indices were grabbed independently by User:JustAnotherArchivist.