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FurAffinity is an art gallery website, and the largest web community of the furry fandom. It was recently acquired by IMVU (see the recent journals of the site's mascot account), and while the site and community have endured multiple prior divisive events, the prior owner's continued control of the site's maintenance is now uncertain due to the acquisition, and the site's future is similarly uncertain as a consequence of that.

The site allows artists to hide their account information, including submitted content, from guest viewers, and mature and adult submissions are hidden from everyone except for registered users over the age of 18 who have enabled the viewing of such content. Backing up the site's submissions in their entirety, therefore, can only be done from a registered account with this setting enabled.


A Warrior project was done in April 2015. The archives are in WARC format and are in the archiveteam_furaffinity collection. It includes the adult items.

There is a bare bones but extensive backup of user hosted FA content on a Tor hidden service hosted by an unknown party (cleartext proxy URL onion URL). This website hosts a backup of user submissions and their descriptions, but not of comments, user profiles, journal entries, or other website data. A clearnet proxy/cache is located at furarchiver.net.

2022/2023 Forum closure

On 2022-12-16, Fur Affinity announced that it would close Fur Affinity Forums (FAF). In a journal post it was stated that "The forums will go read-only effective January 1, 2023".[1] Fur Affinity also stated that the forums would go completely offline after the first quarter of 2023.

The forums went completely offline between 2023-04-25 and 2023-05-07.[2] Attempting to visit any forum page now redirects to the main site.

It is worth noting that Fur Affinity stated that they would use a Discord server to fill the role of the forums, which is harder to archive than public forums.


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  2. Wayback Machine for forums.furaffinity.net

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