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Flash domains
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URL Various
Status Endangered (Plugin is discontinued on 2020-12-31, browsers will begin actively blocking use of it on 2021-01-01)
Archiving status Saved!
Archiving type Unknown
Project source flashdomains-grab
Project tracker flashdomains
IRC channel #flashbang (on hackint)
Data[how to use] Collection of Flash website WARCs

Adobe has announced that it intends to end of life the multimedia plugin and player called "Flash" at the end of 2020. In doing so, it will backstab decades of created content.

This working page is meant to gather information on this situation and create possibilities for prolonging Flash, even as an open-source player of content already created.


  • Flashpoint are collecting Flash games, and have written a standalone web server you run locally to play the games, they respect takedown requests from content owners.

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