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From the site: "Tiny fictional snippets that tell a short story. Each author adds to the larger narrative." Ficlets was shut down on January 15, 2009, however, the site was launched in order to provide the same service.

An archive of the site's content was reuploaded to the ficlets memorial site by the original creator, Kevin Lawver. Despite what he said in the quote, it appeared to include the stories marked as mature as well. The memorial site was thrown into the ArchiveBot on 2017/05/21.

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Comment from the creator of Ficlets (2008/12/03) I've already written an exporter and have all the stories (the ones not marked "mature" anyway). I have pretty much all of the author bios too. Since I was smart enough to insist that AOL license all the content under Creative Commons, I'll be launching a "ficlets graveyard" on 1/16 so at least the stories that people worked so hard one will live on. This guy might be worth contacting

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