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Ffffound! logo
Employee captured tearing page.png
URL https://ffffound.com/
Project status Offline
Archiving status Partially saved
Project source Unknown
Project tracker Unknown
IRC channel #archiveteam (on EFnet)
Project lead Unknown

Ffffound! was an image bookmarking site that closed on May 15th, 2017.

Tools for capturing the site

NOTE: both ffffind.py and ffffound-export are written in Python 2, so make sure you have at least the Python 2 version of BeautifulSoup.

  • ffffind.py: a Python script for getting all the images posted by a given user
  • ffffound-export: a fork of ffffind.py which will create new html pages with which to view the images (we probably want to use this)
  • BeautifulSoup: a Python library for extraction data from the web, required for ffffind.py or ffffound-export