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URL https://www.enjin.com/
Status Endangered
Archiving status Upcoming...
Archiving type Unknown
IRC channel #enjinxed (on hackint)

Enjin is a community hosting platform, targeted in particular at gamers. It hosts communities with forums, blogs, game integration, wiki, ticket system, and numerous other 'modules'.

Site status

Starting in early 2021, there have been various signs of instability, and the platform is deteriorating quickly: some modules started breaking, the mobile apps were pulled from app stores without warning, support tickets went unresponsive, and communities have been getting a free upgrade to the paid 'ultimate' plan without any official statement. Meanwhile, focus appears to be shifting to their 'blockchain product ecosystem', also called Enjin[IAWcite.todayMemWeb].


Community Sites

Many community sites are on subdomains of enjin.com, however Enjin allows sites to use their own domains. Websites are able to upload their own CSS and JS, making the layout of pages varied. A partial list of sites can be found on Enjin's community page, but the list doesn't load all of the sites. Sites can also be discovered from user profiles.

Enjin sites can be discovered iteratively using enjin.com/page/(number). By watching for the absence of a redirect, Surviving sites can be discovered via the "site-url" CSS class present on the template of that page. This appears to be stable at a maximum rate of two page requests per second, per IP.

User Profiles

User profiles can be found at https://DOMAIN/profile/ID, where DOMAIN is the address of any Enjin site and the ID is either a number assigned to accounts on creation or a custom username. Invalid profile URLs and URLs of deleted accounts redirect to the domain's homepage instead of giving an error page. The content of profiles is identical across sites, with the only difference being the theme.


Enjin hosts TeamSpeak 3 servers for communities. Depending on the security level of a server, grab scripts might need to spend a chunk of time generating an identity before they can join to collect the channels.