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The Emularity is both the name of a specific set of scripts meant to load emulators, and the entire ongoing project to shove Javascript-ported emulators into browsers. Now years in the making, the project is mature and in use by millions of people worldwide. This page is meant to be a one-stop stop for keeping track of what needs to be worked on, when. Information on it is redundantly available elsewhere, and this is mostly meant to allow developers to ramp up quickly, especially in the realm of improvements or documentation.


For how to make Internet Archive software items runnable, see http://digitize.archiveteam.org/index.php/Internet_Archive_Emulation. In particular, you need to set the emulator and emulator_ext metadata fields.

The Javascript MESS

Status: Currently Working, Speed and Sound Issues in Browsers That Shouldn't Be There But Are

The Javascript MESS is the original ported emulator within the Emularity - a flexible, variant, and long-developed emulation system that continues to experience improvements and expansion on a monthly basis.

  • The original page for Javascript_Mess contains a lot of historical record about the project and it seems a shame to tear it down.


Current Status: Working Well, Little Outside Work/Improvement Needed Currently

EM-DOSBOX is an Emscripten-compiled port of the DOSBOX emulator by Dreamlayers. It has excellent speed performance, flexibility, and is in heavy use online, especially at the Internet Archive.