Elwha River Restoration Project

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Elwha River Restoration
Elwha River Restoration Project logo
Hi-Res timelapses of the Elwha River Restoration
Hi-Res timelapses of the Elwha River Restoration
URL http://video-monitoring.com/construction/olympic/
Status Endangered
Archiving status Saved! (via ArchiveBot - images and thumbnails only - no votes/comments/etc)
Archiving type Unknown
IRC channel #archiveteam-bs (on hackint)
(formerly #downstream (on EFnet))
Project lead User:TheTechRobo
Data[how to use] job:ce167c253smex5cw0yf5s062r

The project website hosts timelapse pictures of an ecological restoration process around the removal of two dams, Elwha and Glines Canyon, that were built in the early 1900s.

The website is hosted by Erdman Video Systems, Inc. and it was announced that "All cameras will be down permanently as of 9/25/2016", so no new images will be made.

Website contents

The webviewer (slideshow) heavily relies on Javascript and draws the images as canvas in browser (HTML5 & Mobile versions).

Based on the metadata files that are used by the webviewer itself, 231000 images are expected (ca. 3 MB each) and the image thumbnails (ca. 80 KB), the latter are used in first place for the slideshow player. 700-800GB of data is expected.


The said metadata files are http://video-monitoring.com/construction/olympic/ss{2-8}.txt - ss2 to ss8, space separated.

The first entry is the subfolder of http://video-monitoring.com/construction/olympic/, subfolders of this URL are tagged with an * asterisk, e.g. "*aug2411m" followed by images (e.g. "g241209u") inside that subfolder until a new folder is detected.

The first image of ss2.txt is: http://video-monitoring.com/construction/olympic/pics/s2/aug2411m/g241209u.jpg

The thumbnail shares the same path except that the last letter of image name is replaced with an underscore: http://video-monitoring.com/construction/olympic/pics/s2/aug2411m/g241209_.jpg

Comments on images should be grabbed as well.