Drunken Archiving

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<arkiver> !a https://ia801004.us.archive.org/9/items/donate/
<ATGoKart> arkiver: Archiving https://ia801004.us.archive.org/9/items/donate/.
<ATGoKart> arkiver: Use !status 9340m7x3ujpwyvttdiefuwe4s for updates, !abort 9340m7x3ujpwyvttdiefuwe4s to abort.
<ATGoKart> arkiver: Your job for https://ia801004.us.archive.org/9/items/donate/ has finished.
<nico_32> arkiver: seriously ?
<arkiver> :D
* joepie91 was trying not to say anything
<arkiver> :P
<arkiver> yeah
<arkiver> I just thought "just in case"...
+Flashfire  !a https://archive.org/
Major       Flashfire: Queued https://archive.org/.
Major       Flashfire: Use !status elbebtn0hq9kh2cb3s0g7oo5w for updates, !abort elbebtn0hq9kh2cb3s0g7oo5w to abort.
+Flashfire  Hi edit
+Flashfire  no
+Flashfire  abort
+Flashfire  abort
+Flashfire  avirt
+Flashfire  SOME OBE
+Flashfire  NOOOO
+Flashfire  SVORT
+eientei95  !abort elbebtn0hq9kh2cb3s0g7oo5w
Major       eientei95: Initiated abort for https://archive.org/.
+eientei95  gg
+eientei95  !stat
+eientei95  !stats
+eientei95  !status
Major       eientei95: Job status: 103191 completed, 3255 aborted, 595 failed, 119 in progress, 2 pending
+Flashfire  Drinking bad
+Flashfire  take my ops
+Flashfire  NOTCOEX
+Flashfire  IOS
+Flashfire  TSJE OPD
+Flashfire  TSKR OPS
+eientei95  Can someone remove drunk Flashfire's +v
#           Mode #archivebot [-v Flashfire] by PurpleSym
+eientei95  Thanks
#           Mode #archivebot [+b *!~flashfire@] by PurpleSym
-           PurpleSym has kicked Flashfire (Come back when you’re sober.)