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Docracy is a self described home for contracts and other legal documents that allows users to access various legal documents and sign them for their own use.

2018 shutdown't

On February 27, 2018, Docracy announced that it would gradually be shut down, with documents no longer being allowed to be sent for signing on April 30, 2018, no new documents after May 1, 2018, and the site finally shutting down on July 1, 2018.[1]

As of 2018-11-05, Docracy was still online, and new documents were still being published. No update on the shutdown situation could be found anywhere, and the shutdown notice page was still online without any changes. The red shutdown notice at the top of every page (see screenshot) disappeared sometime between 2018-05-14 and 2018-05-18.

As of 2021-07-13, the site appears to be normally operational, and the shutdown notice page was removed in early 2019.