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Docker Hub
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Docker Hub is Docker, Inc.'s public registry for Docker images.

Deletion of inactive images

On 2020-08-24, it was announced that inactive images, defined as ones that haven't been pulled in 6 months, associated with free accounts would be deleted starting on 2020-11-01.[1][2][3] According to Docker, Inc., this amounts to 4.5 PB of data.[4] On 2020-10-22, it was announced that this deletion would be postponed until mid-2021.[5]

Sunset of Free Teams

On 2023-03-14, Docker, Inc. announced in an email to affected organisations that they would discontinue their Free Teams plan a month later.

Docker is sunsetting Free Team organizations

Free Team organizations are a legacy subscription tier that no longer exists. This tier included many of the same features, rates, and functionality as a paid Docker Team subscription.

After reviewing the list of accounts that are members of legacy Free Team organizations, we’ve identified yours as potentially being one of them.

If you own a legacy Free Team organization, access to paid features — including private repositories — will be suspended on April 14, 2023 (11:59 pm UTC). Upgrade your subscription before April 14, 2023 to continue accessing your organization.

If you don’t upgrade to a paid subscription, Docker will retain your organization data for 30 days, after which it will be subject to deletion. During that time, you will maintain access to any images in your public repositories, though rate limitations will apply. At any point during the 30-day period, you can restore access to your organization account if you upgrade to a paid subscription. Visit our FAQ for more information.

The FAQ instead says that at least private repositories of the organisations will be suspended as of 2023-04-13[6]:

If you currently are accessing a legacy Free Team organization and using private repos, they will be suspended as of April 13, 2023.

Free Team organisations are often used by open-source projects, and while Docker, Inc. continues to offer free hosting to open-source projects upon application, there are severe restrictions on that. Likely, many open-source projects won't bother with it.[7][8]

On 2023-03-16, Docker, Inc. published a blog post apologising for their grossly misleading announcement[9]. In particular, this post states that public images of affected organisations would not be deleted unless that is done manually by 'the maintainer', without clarifying who the maintainer of a shared account will be after the tier is discontinued.

On 2023-03-24, they announced in another blog post that the plan to sunset Free Teams has been buried[10]:

After listening to feedback and consulting our community, it’s clear that we made the wrong decision in sunsetting our Free Team plan. Last week we felt our communications were terrible but our policy was sound. It’s now clear that both the communications and the policy were wrong, so we’re reversing course and no longer sunsetting the Free Team plan.