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Disqus is a comment hosting service, apparently by far the most popular one, apart from Facebook. They claim hosting 50 million comments per month[1], and recent comment IDs in threads suggest that the total number of comments exceeds 4 billion (as of August 2018).

Disqus was founded in 2007 as a startup and was acquired by Zeta Global in 2017[2]. (Worth noting, as startups are often subjects to, and acquisitions are often signs of, upcoming closures.)


Disqus heavily utilizes JavaScript, so the Wayback Machine doesn't save Disqus comments.

Although Disqus threads can also be read on disqus.com, they should be saved along with the article they belong to. However, 750,000 websites (mainly blogs and news websites) had Disqus already back in 2011[2].

Even if we find the method to archive Disqus threads, discovering all the websites using it and saving all those articles wouldn't (won't) be a simple task.

A sustainable approach would be continuously achiving major news websites that use Disqus, with a focus on also archiving the corresponding Disqus threads. This is the aim of the recently started News+C project.

Disqus Channels

Disqus Channels
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Disqus Channels is a standalone discussion part of Disqus, i.e. a series of forums that is not attached to any website. Except for the official forum on the Disqus platform itself (Discuss Disqus[IAWcite.todayMemWeb]), it was shut down on 2019-09-01 due to moderation overhead[3].

All discoverable channels and their contents (348 channels, 625k discussions) were archived by User:JustAnotherArchivist shortly before the shutdown. This crawl can be found at disqus_channels_201908. Due to Disqus's heavy reliance on JavaScript, playback in the Wayback Machine is unlikely to be successful. The images included in the comments were grabbed separately in ArchiveBot job:1x1b7k5zixv06yy4l2jbyxu79.