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Status Special case
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IRC channel #msgbored (on hackint)

Discourse is a forum/Q&A hybrid. It is both an open-source forum software and a forum hosting service.

The Good

Discourse markets itself as a concoction of the good collaborative environment of old-school forums, and the interactivity of modern websites. It's also open-source, you can run a Discourse forum of your own.

The Bad

Discourse also offers hosting for a very hefty price (~$100 per month). As such, it's very possible that anyone who's using their hosting for their forum could chicken out at any minute, meaning their forum is incredibly volatile. See the Known Victims section for further details.


Discourse works "reasonably well" in ArchiveBot. Currently it is not covered by the forums igset and may be run without an igset. Playback works in the WBM but JS must be disabled.

Notable Discourses

At Risk

May be phased out with new API. Last reachable May 4, 2023.[1]

Went read-only on 1 January 2021, migrating to GitHub Discussions.

Went read-only on 25 May 2018, migrated to Stack Overflow.

Active Discourses

Known Victims

  • Imgur Community Forums [3]

Uncategorized List of Found Discourse Forums

Flux Health | Healthcare in flux]