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URL[IAWcite.todayMemWeb], (formerly:[IAWcite.todayMemWeb],[IAWcite.todayMemWeb])
Status Endangered
Archiving status Not saved yet
Archiving type DPoS
IRC channel #curiousincidentoftheconfusedcatinthenighttime (on hackint)

CuriousCat is a question/answer hosting site for Twitter users. As far as we can tell, some time in the days before December 20, 2021, its primary domain entered the final stages of expiry, taking it offline, and a few days after, it was taken over by a squatter. A lack of activity on the site's Twitter account[IAWcite.todayMemWeb], which seems to have served as a de facto announcements page, suggests that, because it was losing money or for some other reason, it has effectively been abandoned by its owner (Vonvon).

Despite the domain expiration, whatever was hosting the site has stayed up, and a project was set up that intended to capture a copy of the site by overriding Wget-Lua's DNS resolution (the same trick that was used to great effect in the and projects). Especially in light of the squatter taking over the domain, these would not have been sufficiently veracious captures to go into the Wayback Machine, but would still have kept a copy of the data somewhere.

The site returned under a new domain,, on 2021-12-25, and the old primary domain (which had not expired), as well as the DNS-overridden site, started redirecting to that. There has been a panic among users that the .live site is a fake run to collect Twitter credentials or accumulate access keys; for several reasons the changes seem more likely the result of incompetence than malice, but this has created a noticeable exodus of users. The grab script has been redirected to this new domain, but it not running yet. The project was put on hiatus in March 2022 with the site continuing to run under the domain in the time since.

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