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Course Hero
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Course Hero is a website that hosts academic resources. The resources are downloadable for a subscription of $119.40 per year (automatically renewed). "With a Premier membership, you will get 30 unlocks per month starting on your subscription date. Your unlocks will refresh every 30 days, unused unlocks don’t carry over. If you receive unlocks from uploading documents, the unlocks expire after 30 days from receiving them." Or: "Users can upload 10 documents for 2 unlocks, 30 docs for 10 unlocks, 50 docs for 20 unlocks, and every 10 docs after 50 will receive 4 unlocks." (according to ) (An "unlock" is full access to a document.) Has several million documents, as well as flash cards and other resources. It's sort of a piracy pyramid scheme for cheaters whereby users are coerced into uploading their professors' content in exchange for material other users have uploaded, or else paying for it, at least as far as I can tell. Sleazy business model aside, it should be archived.

The only ways to archive it, as far as I see, would probably be: finding a way to get to their site's contents without a subscription, getting them to donate their documents to IA (probably unlikely, but maybe they'd do it if the items were darked), or using a bot to bulk upload documents to get access to the existing ones (assuming 7 million existing documents, that would require uploading 17,500,000 documents). The third option would probably take lots of email addresses, Course Hero free accounts, and IP addresses.


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