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Coub is a video sharing website founded in 2012 that was supposed to have shut down on 2022-04-01. As of September 2023 it remains online but appears lightly maintained, if at all.

Shutdown announcement

On 2022-03-15, a warning banner was added to the website:

Coub will be closed on April 1, 2022. Don’t forget to download all your videos.

This notice later disappeared sometime between 0515 UTC and 0815 UTC on March 18th, and later, the announcement of the shutdown cancellation had appeared. The next announcement had been appear[1]:

Coub will continue its work and will be developed by a new team. Details soon.

Source videos

Coub saved full versions of videos in 360p for videos clipped from YouTube, and they remained even after the original video was removed. Sometime in 2023, these source videos were hidden, but the clipped versions still exist, along with the thumbnail of the original.  


A little over 77 TiB of content was fetched before and a short time after the shutdown notice disappeared (until approximately April 1, 2022) through the coub-grab project.