Company acquisitions and mergers

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In the life of a company, big or small, in one chapter, they would be acquired or merged into a larger company for something to ideally benefit both or multiple entities together.

As such, it is imperative to archive the websites, sub-subdomains of said websites, and social media presences of said acquired companies because:

There are two ways of finding companies being acquired or merged to another company:

  • 1) Make a web search query with phrases or keywords through a web search engine
    • Advantages
      • Smaller or more obscure company acquisitions are more likely to be found,
        often found from the acquired company's websites or social media accounts.
    • Disadvantages
      • The amount of unrelated or mislabeled content when searching is higher than normal,
        as it is one of the quirks of web search engines displaying results through a countless series of algorithms.
    • Here are a list of commonly used keywords and phrases to use to make a search query:
      • acquire
      • acquired
      • acquisition
      • bought out
      • merger
      • merging
      • -sports
        • It's recommended to use this line as part of the search query since without this phrase,
          the search attempt will bring up results of sport players being traded or joining a team;
          However, this may remove results on sports-oriented company acquisitions or mergers.