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Archiveteam1.png Historical content

This page or section is not really edited any more, probably because the project got abandoned, information is collected somewhere else in a different form etc.

However, this is a good and important record of ArchiveTeam's ancient times, thus must be preserved, but merging it into an other article would be difficult and/or some pieces of information are missing for a new form.

So feel free to read this, but it has probably nothing to be added now. However, if you resurrect the project or find a way to move this data to a fresh place, you can remove this template.

A list of collection with WARC files fro past projects will be posted here. The list will be checked if everything is functioning properly, without any errors.

Collection Status Packs checked Status Url checked
hyves NOT WORKING archiveteam_hyves_20131201214204 NOT WORKING
archiveteam_hyves_20131128190856 NOT WORKING
archiveteam_hyves_20131128181253 NOT WORKING
archiveteam_hyves_20131128085439 NOT WORKING
archiveteam_hyves_20131126141912 NOT WORKING
archiveteam_hyves_20131124173426 NOT WORKING
archiveteam_hyves_20131123223747 NOT WORKING
archiveteam_hyves_20131122224420 NOT WORKING
archiveteam_hyves_20131121124221 NOT WORKING
archiveteam_hyves_20131120050247 NOT WORKING
archiveteam_myopera WORKING/NOT WORKING archiveteam_myopera_20140305001427 WORKING
archiveteam_myopera_20140304212427 WORKING
archiveteam_myopera_20140304193025 WORKING
archiveteam_myopera_20140304015228 WORKING
archiveteam_myopera_20140228022054 NOT WORKING
archiveteam_myopera_20140223040938 NOT WORKING
archiveteam_myopera_20140221002410 NOT WORKING
archiveteam_myopera_20140220231436 NOT WORKING
archiveteam_myopera_20140218011331 NOT WORKING
archiveteam_myopera_20140217210824 NOT WORKING