CUE! -See You Everyday-

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CUE! -See You Everyday-
Status Game: Offline
Website: Online!
Archiving status Partially saved
Archiving type ArchiveBot
IRC channel #archiveteam-bs (on hackint)

The mobile game CUE! -See You Everyday- announced its closure schedule on Feb. 27 2021 (Official Website, Twitter). Service will be ended on 12:00 PM JST @ Apr. 30 2021 and the game will not be accessible afterwards.

Considering the game is heavily story-focused, archiving the game assets will help players get an idea of its core content, and possibly even a fan revival project, considering the scripting was mostly in very readable JSON.


  • Basic datamining reveals plain text assets crimoviemanifest and crisoundmanifest, apparently file lists for CriWare ADX 2 and Sofdec;
  • Set up MiTMProxy, intercept and analyze traffic;
  • CDN base address revealed to be; request for master file list CustomiOSManifest.gz / CustomAndroidManifest.gz intercepted;
  • Non-Criware assets seem to have a hash attached to the file names, IL2CPP reverse-engineering reveals the algorithm to be Unity's Hash128() (Sagilio);
  • Datamine previously intercepted master file lists (gdzhong);
  • Populate URL lists with rules (Hash128 suffixes to Unity assets, none to Cri ones) (gdzhong);
  • Test the URL lists while crawling the CDN; filter out 404s and recheck link for fixing;
  • URL list fixing & integration.

Archivebot Jobs

iOS assets archiving: job:mx7dk9o8muixchw8cfyfudyl

404 fixes for iOS assets: job:3ubaa0jjcmhmfjzwi2xzeud4c

Android assets archiving: job:9d224855r5l2ybxhkqraqwh1x

404 fixes, round 2: job:bb5sgyy1yd9kyaf54ph33zoc9

Master manifest archiving: job:8g3r8ql4i21vlpk2yafrawd5z, job:3tbtsgegbv3sraj41or91qsc5

Article source from tenyuhuang