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CNET is a major technology news and review website. Since its founding in 1994, it has changed its parent company several times.[1]

When "CNET UK" was merged into the main "CNET TV" entity, the social media channels of "CNET UK" were taken down. The Twitter account was set to private, and all YouTube videos were made unlisted, which in turn lead to them becoming private in YouTube's purge of all unlisted videos from before 2017.[2][3][4]

The CNET Forums with reportedly over half a million forum topics ceased operations in early 2021 after a read-only period since December 2020.

It appears that product pages with specification sheets and more importantly user reviews have been purged in September 2021. For example, here is a 2015 archive of the specification sheet of an apparatus, with a "user reviews" link on the page. As of January 2022, a giant red "404" appears on screen. See more here – apparently someone noticed the purge in September 2021 and rescued as much as possible from Google Cache.