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IRC channel #archiveteam-bs (on hackint) is an art website similar to DeviantArt. Early-mid March 2022, it has been undergoing "staff" infighting[1][2] and a user exodus (see image).

Site Structure

A "user" (login) can have multiple "accounts" (public-facing profiles). The main objects under users are submissions (images, audio, and text) as well as blog posts. Most of the site's functionality is done through GraphQL through POST. Restricted material (NSFW and hidden-to-guests, though we are only interested in the former) is entirely made so, as far as I (OrIdow6) can tell, through client-side hiding; this includes metadata as well as media. There is apparently no way to mark individual submissions as hidden-to-guests, only an entire accounts' content.[3] Estimated size, of submissions audio and images, is between 114 and 203 GiB (95% confidence interval).