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Blingee is an image hosting and editing website. The site offers web-based tools for adding special effects to images, such as animation and sparkles. On August 14, 2015, Blingee announced they were closing on August 25, 2015.[1] On August 19, Blingee announced that they would not be shutting down.[2]


Shutdown notice

Dear Blingee Fans,

After more than 130 million Blingees made, the time has come for Blingee to ride off into the sunset. It's been an amazing 9 years, from the simple idea of making it easier to create animated images, to the explosion of creativity we have seen, and the wonderful and lively community that grew around it. Thank you for your passionate support over the years.

Before we close the site down, we wanted to give you the opportunity to save your Blingees to your computer. Here's how:

1. From your account Dasboard, select 'My Blingees' from the navigation column on the right side

2. Choose the "< >" icon on the Share line for the Blingee you wish to download

3. Click on 'Get Code or Download' for the size you want

4. Click the "Download this Blingee" button on the right side of the page

5. Repeat for the Blingees and sizes you wish to keep

The site will be turned off on August 25th, so please grab your Blingees before then.

If you have any questions or would like to share some thoughts, please join this forum thread

Thanks again for being one of the best communities on the internet! We wish you all the very best!

The Blingee Team

Un-shutdown notice

Dear Blingee Fans,

We have heard you loud and clear. This community is your home, and Blingee is a unique and irreplaceable creative outlet that must be saved. We are happy to announce that is here to stay.

Over the last week, we have been humbled by the outpouring of support from people inside and outside the community. Thanks to your help, we have been able to secure the resources necessary to keep Blingee thriving for years to come.

What happens now?

Over the next month, behind the scenes, we will be moving to a more forward-looking and streamlined infrastructure to ensure its future. We ask for your patience as those migrations may be associated with minimal downtime for the site, but be assured, we'll be right back up as soon as the work is done.

What can you do to help?

Thank you for the many generous offers to pay a premium fee to help support If you feel so inclined, buying credits and featuring your Blingees in the Spotlight, sending Gifts, or creating Challenges are great ways to contribute. Additionally, showcasing your creations by sharing them across the net will help us thrive.

Any more good news?

Yes! Starting today, access to BlingeeMaker 2.0 and Blingee Plus will no longer require the Blingee Toolbar, opening up to all users an array of creative possibilities you will find nowhere else.

Thank you once again for all your kindness and support.

Bling on!

The Blingee Team

Site structure

Blingees and Postcards:







  • Profile pages don't seem to be accessible via ID, although apparently each user is represented internally by an incremental number.
    • There is actually a way to get (all?) the usernames. Each badge has a list of blingees by a user that have won that badge, accessible via an ID (e.g. Importantly, that page has a link to the user's profile. The ID seems to be the user ID, as /user/1 is blingee_team and /user/2 is a co-founder of Blingee. Some of them say "Oops, Error", which could correspond to a deleted or private profile.
    • From this, it's easy to get a list of usernames very quickly. According to my search, there are approximately 22,677,110 users on Blingee.
    • ... and growing because the signup page is still active.
  • Each profile page can have comments. A full paginated list is available at (example)
  • An incomplete list of users:




Between August 16 and October 8, 2015, ArchiveTeam downloaded more than 6 terabytes of content, but then Blingee started banning our IPs – and also with respect to the fact that they are not shutting down, the project got suspended.

Bulk archive files can be found here, and the content should also be reachable through the Wayback Machine.


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