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BlackBerry World
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The BlackBerry World App Store, or simply BlackBerry World, is an app store for BlackBerry devices.


In December 2017, BlackBerry announced that BlackBerry World would shut down at the end of 2019[1]:

While we are pleased to announce continuing support for BB10 and BBOS users for at least another two years, current device owners should be aware that we will be closing some ancillary services such as the BlackBerry World app store (12/31/2019), the BlackBerry Travel site (February 2018), and the Playbook video calling service (March 2018).

However, on July 31, 2019, BlackBerry extended support for beyond 2019[2]:

Today, we can proudly say that we are extending that commitment and will continue to support critical infrastructure and services for BB10 as well as network access for BBOS devices beyond the end of 2019.