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Bibliotheca Anonoma
The Bibliotheca Anonoma is a research library tasked with archiving Internet Folklife
The Bibliotheca Anonoma is a research library tasked with archiving Internet Folklife
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Archiving status In progress... (Internet Archive - Git Backups)
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The Bibliotheca Anonoma is an internet research library focusing on archiving and organizing the history, folklife, and memes of the internet for the benefit of future generations. It is based around a Gollum wiki with a Git backend, for high portability and easy archival. The organization often contributes to the work of the Archive Team.


  • Stories - Gripping folk tales collected from around the internet, for the enjoyment of future readers. Many of these stories are important snapshots of a certain time period in a website's history.
  • 4chan Chronicle - A community built textbook, reconstructing 4chan's decade-long history.
    • - Complete History of 4chan - A community built timeline of 4chan, passed down from wiki to wiki after the fall of Wikichan. Updated weekly by the community whenever an event of interest occurs.
  • 2ch Chronicle - A Community Editable Textbook, reconstructing the 15-year long legacy of Japan's most culturally significant website.
  • The Return of the Well-Cultured Anonymous - A self help book made by anons, for anons. Reconstructed from Wikichan after it's total collapse.
  • BASC-Archiver - 4chan complete thread archiver. Grabs images, thumbnails, HTML, JSON, and even child threads.
  • BASC-py4chan - Python wrapper for the 4chan API.

Projects on the Archive Team Wiki

  • 4chan - We made this impressive listing of all 4chan Archivers known to exist, in the past and present.

Saved Websites

Information on the internet is infamously volatile. In just a few seconds, sites could be there today and gone tomorrow. To prevent another Wikichan from happening, the Bibliotheca Anonoma saves down websites to be researched in their extant state.

  • Fybertech 4thread - Fybertech has one of the largest collections of 2008-2014 4chan threads, outside of the fallen Chanarchive and the modern 4archive. This is a contingency backup of all 9GBs of threads (up to 2015-02-16) to the Internet Archive.
  • Penfifteen Archive - In 2013, Vyrd discovered that some anon (whose native language is Finnish) had this curious, undocumented public archive of very, very early handarchived threads from 4chan (along with many other period-appropriate .swfs, videos, and images), spanning all the way from 2004-2008.
  • Everything Shii Knows - Shii is an important primary source for the early days of 4chan and anonymous textboards.


We generate dumps of important wikis for later analysis.

  • Encyclopedia Dramatica - Text dumps are uploaded to the Internet Archive on a biannual basis. Image dumps are pretty difficult to do, but we'll try to do them yearly (and only for newest images? somehow)
  • Puella Magi - (Archiving since March 2012)
  • Insurgency Wiki - (Archived December 2011) A massive database of information made by Anonymous, especially the /i/nsurgency in the days after /b/-day from 2006-2009. It was never saved very well, and as of 2012 seems to be in an unusable state.

Saved Collections

The Information Library is a gigantic collection of informative images from 4chan created by an anon called InformantB900. It composes 2,206 images containing guides, strange facts, and cool tips, organized in 180 folders.

The Insta-Oldfag Kit is a collection of various OP image thread starters or reaction images, in convenient folders, as well as a few thread screencaps. It was uploaded to the Internet Archive by the Bibliotheca Anonoma.

  • Moot Video Archive - A collection of every talk or panel that Moot up to 2011. The torrent died recently, and we're scraping together what we can.
  • Neglected Mario Characters - One of the first sprite comics to appear on the web in the 1990s. Died after an ugly spat of infighting.