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BetaArchive is a site that hosts betas and abandonware. It was formed after OSBetaArchive shut down. As of December 2023, the collection totals 116 TB.

FTP Server

The core of the whole site. To access it, you need to be in the FTP Access Group on BetaArchive's forums (guidelines are here). Some of what's on the FTP can be found elsewhere, but there's a lot of unique content on the FTP that could get lost if BetaArchive ever permanently went down. Users have a 50GB/Day limit on downloading which resets at 00:00 GMT. Any script designed to mirror the FTP data must take this into account.

The FTP server was replaced by HTTP(S) downloads through the web interface on 2023-04-23.[1]


phpBB based forums for the site. In order to access the Servers Discussion forum, you need to be in the FTP Access Group, and to access the Donators Discussion Forum, you (obviously) need to be in the Donators group.

There is also a VIP discussion area in the forums. How one becomes access to it is not clearly specified.


Uses MediaWiki. Contains information on betas and abandonware.

Image Uploader

Meant for uploading images to use on the forum. BetaArchive provides an archive of all the images uploaded to it here.

Screenshot Gallery

Contains screenshots of betas and abandonware.