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BBC News Social Media
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On 15 July 2020, the BBC announced that they "would close most of [BBC News'] social accounts to focus on core services like @bbcnews, @bbcworld and @bbcbreaking".

Currently the timescale and scope of the purge is unknown. It is believed that this only affects BBC News social media accounts, not other non-News BBC accounts.

Many if not most (if not all) of the Twitter accounts at least are still up and tweeting as of late August 2022.

List of BBC Twitter Accounts

Twitter Accounts

  • BBCAfrica
  • BBCArabic
  • BBCBreaking
  • BBCNews
  • BBCNewsEnts
  • BBCParliament
  • BBCR1
  • BBCRadio2
  • BBCRadio3
  • BBCRadioCymru
  • BBCRadioLondon
  • BBCRadioScot
  • BBCRadioWales
  • BBCSomali
  • BBCSport
  • BBCSportWales
  • BBCWorld
  • BBCWorld
  • bbc5live
  • bbcalba
  • bbcarabicalerts
  • bbcasiannetwork
  • bbcmundo
  • bbcnewsjapan
  • bbcorkney
  • bbcpersian
  • bbcshetland
  • bbcworldservice
  • cbbc
  • BBCJersey

Facebook Accounts

bbcalba, BBCAsianNetwork, BBCR2, bbcradio1, BBCRadio6Music, bbcradiowales, bbcnews, bbcradioshetland, bbcpersian, bbcradiocymru, BBCR2, bbcgenome, bbcradiocymru2

Instagram Accounts

bbcasiannetwork, bbcradio2, bbcradio1, bbcnews, bbcpersian, bbcradiocymru