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Atomicgamer and its hosted sites have shut down in July 2015.

Thanks to the support to Atomicgamer staff, Schbirid got access to the Atomicgamer files and uploaded all of it to (~9.3 Terabytes, ~433k files, from early 2000s to 2015).

Shutdown notice

There is currently no official shutdown notice yet, only unofficial communication.

Hey all, I'm a guy from TF / AG. I don't have much to add really that Linguica hasn't already laid out.

- The main reason we're shutting down is, of course, money.
- The secondary reason is that the passion is gone for my brother and I and has been for awhile so fighting to keep it alive sounds exhausting. It has been 17 to 18 years.
- The end date isn't finalized yet. It's not days, but it's not months either. The sooner the better.
- We're willing to help out as reasonable to make the transition not suck. I don't think there's any particular asshole-ish desire to keep our hosted sites' domain names from them.

Even if the lights did switch off tomorrow, we do own the physical servers and I'm sure we could find someway to get the data back into your hands in this sort of worse case scenario. We could mail a tape backup over or something. :p


Sites in danger Game database, reviews, big file database with lots of ancient files.

Network sites

Linked on safe, seems hosted elsewhere safe, should be simple to grab seems hosted elsewhere wordpress seems hosted elsewhere safe, seems hosted elsewhere

Other sites safe, the admin is maintaining it elsewhere (Should be safe, Schbirid is closely connected) seems to be by one of the owners

Subdomains to grab mediawiki, use wikiteam's tools mediawiki, use wikiteam's tools big but simple wget simple wget, archivebot? looks simple, might by kinda big