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Argentina End of Term Archive 2023: Preserving Vital Digital Heritage


Objective: This initiative is dedicated to identifying and cataloging key Argentine websites facing the threat of discontinuation in light of recent policy announcements by the incoming government, set to assume power on December 10th, 2023. Our mission is to safeguard crucial digital resources, ensuring their availability for historical research and educational purposes in the face of impending policy shifts.

Focus The project zeroes in on websites pivotal to Argentina's educational, cultural, and environmental landscape, as well as other sites of significance, that are vulnerable under the forthcoming administrative changes.

Guidelines for Adding Websites

Criteria for Inclusion: Eligible websites should be integral to Argentina’s cultural fabric, educational landscape, environmental preservation, or public discourse, and be susceptible to the imminent policy alterations.

How to Add: To contribute, please add websites that meet the above criteria using this format: * [ Name of the Website] - Brief description or status (e.g., saved )

List of At-Risk Websites


Educational Websites


Gender and Equality

Health and Wellness

Cultural Production and the Arts

Public Media and Communication

Independent Media and Communication

Memory and Human Rights

Environmental Rights

Public Transport & Public Infrastructure

Law and Justice

Digital Infrastructure