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You and ArchiveTeam Wiki content

You are encouraged to share the information found on this website, but you are expected to refer to the source. (This should be straightforward.) Note, however, that some of the content found on this website, are not the own works of the editors of this wiki, and others' copyright may apply. We think you are able to find this out (especially in cases when editors of this wiki also honestly follow the "name your source" rule). So you should also reasonably name your source when adding content to this wiki.

You are also encouraged to save content of this website with archiving purposes. Backups are important.

ArchiveTeam and others' content

Saving content, which is the mission of ArchiveTeam, involves copying, that may infringe copyright. While ArchiveTeam does not want to cause financial, moral etc. disadvantage to others, the Team's rock solid point of view is that no copyright claim should stand in the way of archiving, that is, efforts to save information from deletion (either accidental or intentional).

So, if we face a situation where some unique content (not available elsewhere or in other forms) is in danger, we do not listen to voices like "oh, but copyrights!". Over-emphasizing such points is one of the main reasons for IRC bans, for example.

(Internet Archive is a bit more cautious about copyright, but we are not them.)