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Working notes towards a possible Archive Team Convention. Working title is "The Archive Team CONspiracy".


Years ago, the Internet Archive indicated they were open to being the venue for an Archive Team convention. This would mean use of the Great Room, a very large room (with some drawbacks, but many positives) with a stage, good wi-fi, a workable sound system, and projection. We'd have to get in line for when the site was not available for a blackout event like various other conferences or when the venue is closed. That invitation should still be open; it doesn't make sense to get formal about arrangements until other aspects are agreed upon.


Usually two days makes the most sense - this allows for 1-2 nights of getting together informally as well as a day of talking/small panels, or other considerations.


Possibilities: Technical discussions, philosophy discussions, demonstrations of working ideas or programs.


It would probably be good to settle the main details by September 1st, so a possible January event could take place.