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ArchiveTeam Chain Gang
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Status Upcoming...
Archiving status Not saved yet
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IRC channel #archiveteam-bs (on hackint)
(formerly #chaingang (on EFnet))

ArchiveTeam Chain Gang is a project for creating backups of blockchains used by cryptocurrencies (and other organizations, but primarily cryptocurrencies).

Main Project Objective

The current objective is to create a set of tools to automatically generate on a monthly basis:

    • Full dump of the blockchain.
    • Diffs of the full dumps.
    • Progressive dump of the blockchain.

An item should be created for each monthly backup. Note: Strong compression is suggested knowing the size of the data.

This is probably going to be a custom scripted project (No warrior).

Current Goals

  1. Census of how many blockchains are out there (put below)
  2. Estimates of the size of these blockchains
  3. Examples of scripts or github repositories for downloading the blockchains

Other notes

Someone apparently attempted this in some form at the Archive already (although without the whole "monthly" and "Every other blockchain too" part):