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IRC channel #archiveteam-bs (on hackint) is a privately funded on-demand archiving site, similar to WebCite. One key difference is that it stores "Web 2.0" pages better than WebCite; it also supports zip downloads of entire individual webpages and takes a screenshot of the webpage. It is equipped with an URL finder like the Wayback Machine, but additionally text searching feature, powered by Google and also Yandex, which it switches to if Google delivers 0 search results. Unlike the Wayback Machine, search engines are able to index It does not store PDFs, binary files, Adobe Flash content, videos, or audio. The maximum size of a webpage it will archive (including images) is 50 MB. Additionally, forwards your IP address to the submitted website in an X-Forwarded-For header.[1]

When it comes to the archived pages itself, directly embeds the archived page into the page by a div element instead of an iframe. Since no iframe is used, all the css elements of the original archived pages are inlined into each element of the archived page. Any references to files/links made in CSS stylesheets are instead converted into base64 and inlined. It also has the ability to select certain portions of the page and embed that into the URL for sharing a specific portion [t "(example)"][IAWcite.todayMemWeb]. This works by using a javascript handler to convert the selector element to a specific portion of the page. That seems to be the only portion of the archived site part of the page that needs Javascript, other than that, the site is completely accessible without it (provided you get past captcha).

The main advantage of is that it disregards the robots.txt file that caused many websites and huge amounts of information to become unavailable to the Wayback Machine. Additionally, it allows duplicated snapshots from Wayback Machine and Google Cache (the last of which doesn't store caches indefinitely), searchable by original URLs.

The website shot up significantly in popularity in the second half of 2014 primarily due to the GamerGate controversy. As of Feb. 2015, the website has archived about 200 "Tb" of data. It is likely 200 Terabyte (TB), not Terabit (Tb) as is quoted. Nonetheless, if accurate, 200Tb ≈ 25TB.

For additional confusion, "5Tb" is the site's weekly growth.

On April 14, 2014, changed its name to due to attacks against ISNIC[2][3], and then changed its name back to the original some time later, and then back to

Vital Signs

Note that the site is a commercial enterprise, and as such can go kaputt at any given point, especially if it does not find a lucrative business model. Although it's not a strong indication of long-term issues; in October 2016 the site "made transparent"[IAWcite.todayMemWeb] the server costs[IAWcite.todayMemWeb], and started to accept donations. A weekly crowdfunded target of $800[4] is set to maintain the site.

Prior to this, the site actively refused donations. A donation link took the user to an animal shelter donation page[5].

In January 2017 the administrator commented in response to a censorship query that the site had "just run out of CPU for the browsers"[IAWcite.todayMemWeb]. - With problems capturing pages, it is unclear if this is a temporary issue.


According to their FAQ[IAWcite.todayMemWeb]:

It is privately funded, there in no complex finance behind it. It may look more or less reliable compared to the startup-style funding or a university project, depending on which risks are taken into account. My death can cause interruption of service, but something like new market condition or changing head of a department can not.

As of October 2016 the site has a 'liberapay'[6] donation link at the top-right corner of the page.

Stated in January 2017, through donations the site only receives "more than $1.50 every day, enough for a bowl of phở".[IAWcite.todayMemWeb]

As of March 2021, archived pages have started to show an advert at the top of the screen however, the owner has confirmed it[IAWcite.todayMemWeb] is a test run and that they will likely not stay.

Site structure

A list of all domains currently archived used to be available here.

List of all domains from (as of 2014/02/20) = 7,255,826 domains

Sadly, the url counts from /alldomains were out of date.

All sitemaps (as of 2014/02/17)

As a side note, the administrator is unsupportive of Internet Archive's robots.txt policy - which could hinder future backup cooperation.


Domain availability

As of 17 Feb, 2016 domain name is unavailable since 16 Feb, likely due to "fake DMCA requests", [1].

As of September 2019,, .fo etc. resolve to from a few DNS servers (including in Finland), while they continue to work elsewhere, where they resolve to, etc. The domain was revoked on 2019-10-26.[7]

Indefinite loading

Sometimes, the page indicates “loading”[IAWcite.todayMemWeb] when trying to access the page, instead of showing the page itself.

Ditching unsuccessful archivals

When the archival of a page has not been successful (e.g. “Error: time out.”, “Error: Network error.”), the existing information (network transfer and already downloaded ressources) get discarded and the target URL of the page archival indicates “Not Found (yet?)”, the same it shows on pages that have never been archived, similarly to how YouTube behaves.

Dismissed information

Unlike Google Cache, does not store the original web page source codes. Also the list of network transfers (shown during archival process) that shows the HTTP status, MIME type, object size (Bytes) and the URL of page elements. File names of saved (embedded) auxiliary page elements get changed into an SHA-1-hashsum of the file itself, discarding the original file names of images.

Since 2016, the Wayback Machine is unable to access due to captcha.

Quota limits

Each IP address accessing the site apparently only gets an unknown limited amount of access quota. When archiving too many pages, their server eventually stops responding to the IP address for the next few hours.

Constant reCAPTCHAs

People using a VPN or proxy or on a mobile device report having to go through reCAPTCHAS every time they go through the site. When the captcha is completed, it gives you 5 minutes of access before asking for a Captcha again. Previously, the captcha was unable to be solved on mobile devices since the reCAPTCHA clipped on half the page, but this has since been fixed.

YouTube comment archival

Archive.Today used to be able to capture YouTube comments[8] and load more comments automatically to capture more comments than loaded on the initial AJAX load.
That only worked when archived directly on the YouTube watch page, e.g. “ ”. When redirected from, it failed to archive the YouTube comments.

Because the way YouTube loads comments has been altered over time, since approximately late 2017, Archive.Today's ability to archive YouTube comments has been restricted.
Since then, to archive YouTube comments using Archive.Today, one needs to link directly to a specific comment, which causes comments to be pre-loaded.


Besides[IAWcite.todayMemWeb], the site has been or is available at the following domains:


/alldomains Archive