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Android Development is one of the greatest endeavors in homebrew history, with developers working to hack, root, and bring out the full power of every Android phone in existence. However, due to its sudden and erratic growth, it is also one of the more unorganized projects out there. Tutorials are a mess, great guides are rare, and important guides for dying phones are constantly under threat of deletion. Worst of all, many ROMS have been uploaded to download sites like Megaupload, where they are now forever lost.

This project seeks to rectify some of the problems in the near future of Android Development, to better organize guides and to save precious downloads to the Internet Archive.

Link rot

Since much of the links on development forums like XDA rely heavily on download sites (like megaupload, unfortunately), we need to save those downloads before they succumb. When links are lost, there is little recourse, since developers usually delete old data to save space.


There are huge Android development forums like XDA, Rootzwiki, and many others. While they are at no direct risk of shutting down,

Android Development Codex

An idea is to create a book that saves all important Android development tutorials and downloads in one place. This could then be put in the Internet Archive