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IRC channel #archiveteam-bs (on hackint) was a video game news site and database focused on Japanese games and the Japanese market. Started in 2008 by then Japanese correspondent Anoop Gantayat, the site is known for its quick, accurate and thorough coverage of gaming news emerging from Japan, and is widely sourced on top gaming sites. **Wikipedia even considers Andriasang to be a reliable source.**

The owner stopped posting gaming news on the website in 2012 because of a real life event that made them super busy.


The website sometimes becomes inaccessible because of outdated Wordpress plugins which requires the website owner to manually fix them.

The website has gotten scraped by Wayback Machine over the years but not completely. Even a number of the existing Wayback Machine captures aren't saved correctly and display the website's 404 error.

In order to access every page, make sure that you have the 'Show Japanese Content' and 'Show Links to Other Sites' options checked on the website's main page.

Confirmed by communication I've had with the website owner, they are fine with the website being completely archived.

This website has rare articles and translations so it's important to finally archive everything correctly.

Currently, a script is being worked on that will parse every page of the site's news

Note: had a incomplete archive made of it in 2012 but it's better that we made a brand new one from the ground up: