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Academic Earth
Academic Earth mainpage on 2011-09-22
Academic Earth mainpage on 2011-09-22
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Academic Earth is a site with full recordings of lectures from top universities, mostly entire courses. It holds a treasure trove of incredibly valuable, free education ranging from Introduction to Computer Science with Java (or C) to Literary Theory to Introduction to Psychology.


It was started in 2009 to much fanfare, intended to be the "Hulu of learning." But not much has been heard about it since the beginning of 2010 and it's not clear how they intend to stay alive. TechCrunch's database doesn't show many milestones since then, and only declining traffic. And we all know what happens when traffic declines!

As of April 23, 2022, course listings like this[IAWcite.todayMemWeb] seem to be lists of YouTube videos, many of which are private (probably thanks to YouTube's YouTube pre-2017 unlisted videos privitisation). There are also other links, too.


There are tons of educational content on the site, and it seems that most videos have a "download" link that let you grab the video file. Even ones that don't have the link are grabbable by video rippers like Video DownloadHelper. So the videos aren't so protected that they're impossible to automatically download.