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Argenteam (stylized as aRGENTeaM) was an Argentine fansub community. They made and hosted Spanish-language subtitles of movies and TV series; transcribed, translated and synced by its members.

On 2023-12-04, the moderators announced that the website would be shutting down at the end of the year.

On 2024-01-01, the website and forum were shut down. The website now hosts a shutdown notice, and a torrent with all the subtitles.

Site structure

The main part of the website has individual pages for each movie (eg. and TV series episode (eg. These pages contain a synopsis, poster image, thumbnails, a link to download the subtitles, a magnet (BitTorrent) or ed2k link for the corresponding video file, and a link to the forum thread for that movie or episode.

There are also "TV shows" (collections of episodes), but the webpage URL for them (/tv/$id) just redirects to the first episode. They only really exist in the API (see below). TV show IDs aren't even visible in the webpage or API response of episodes.

There is a single ID space for both movies and episodes. The slug is unnecessary, but /movie/$id for a TV episode ID will redirect to the /episode, while /episode/$id for a movie ID will fail. Therefore, to enumerate all IDs, you have to use /movie/$id. The "canonical" URL with the slug is available in a <meta name="og:url"> tag.

By default, the website doesn't show magnet or ed2k links to download the actual videos, due to legal concerns. There is an option to switch it to "non-restricted mode" to enable showing the video links. This sets a cookie tca=Y and makes the server show magnet and ed2k links. Unfortunately, the website was archived without the cookie set, and thus in restricted mode, so video links are not present in the wayback machine.


There is an API at You can search by name with /api/v1/search?q=search_term. You can get information about a movie by ID using /api/v1/movie/$id or /api/v1/movie?id=$id. Same for TV episodes at /api/v1/episode. TV shows (collections of episodes) are at /api/v1/tvshow/$id.

TV shows have a list of episode IDs, but episodes don't link back to the TV show they belong to.

Similarly to the webpages, the movie API works with any kind of ID (maybe for compatibility), but the response doesn't say if it's a movie, episode, or tvshow.

There is some third-party API client code on GitHub.

Data from the API was archived but not in WARC form, and it's still pending upload.


In addition, there is a phpBB forum at with general discussion about subtitling and translations, and with threads for each and every movie and TV episode. (I have mostly seen just "subtitles are ready" and "thanks!!" posts in those per-movie threads, but some may have more extensive discussions.)

Unfortunately, large parts of the forum require login. Forum IDs 4, 11, 35, 46, 55, 63, 64 (as passed to viewforum.php?f=X) are publicly accessible. Forum IDs 1, 14, 27, 66, 67, 73, 85 require login. Anyone can register an account and access them, there are no additional restrictions, but archiving logged-in pages (and especially putting them on the Wayback Machine) is generally problematic. Other forums say "you have no permission to access this forum"; they're probably private forums used by moderators or by approved long-timer subtitle transcribers.

Login-walled forums were not archived.


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